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From: 손기상<ksson@snut.ac.kr>
To: aserpell@ing.puc.cl
Sent: 2007/07/02 21:50
Subject: esrel 2007/ paper.

Dear prof  SERPELL
I  enclose a paper which  i  presented on  26th june 2007  in  norway.
"  Reasonable   safety management cost for housing  construction "  which  we discussed and corrected a  few of times   here  is presented as a coauther of you.i sent it to you by fax .  your   email  asepell@ing.puc.cl  has something wrong,  why?
i  look forward to  hearing  from  you
Best wsihes

Ki Sang SON

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표지, 목차, 첫장, 마지막장입니다.
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[나의 라이브러리, 한메일] [젊음의 행진]에 여러분을 초대합니다!











     1) CONICYT






 prof Alfredo SERPELL, his wife, and Ki Sang SON,6th Aug.2006


ALLENDE/ AUGUSTO PINOCHET, casa de president, LA MONEDA ,Santiago


Keith R. Molenaar,prof ,phd, the university of colorado,U.S., 8th Aug.2006


Director XavierAltamirano and Coorinator Maria Tresa Ramirez

Marcelo Gonzalez Researcher , PUC,,Los Leones, 14th Aug.


catedral , Plaza de Armas,built  by SPAIN in 1558 , 15th Aug 2006.



Briso and Morales ,SEGURIDAD MUTUAL, 18th AUG 2006


one of hills, cultural heritage of world, designated by UNESCO, Valpariso, 20th Aug


hat ,riding horseback,  Plaza de Armas, 20th Aug

11 AUGust  2006












Seoul National University of Technology (SNUT), Korea and Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile hereinafter referred to as the Parties, recognizing their mutual interest in research in engineering, agree to undertake the activities as more specifically set forth in this Memorandum of Understanding.


I.       Objectives and Scope


To exchange technical knowledge and expertise and to undertake collaborative research on construction & safety engineering .


To identify major areas, disciplines or topics of respective mutual interest, in which exchange activity can be most productively channeled.


To exchange information and documentation which be of value to each University in identifying areas of mutual interest and in assisting participants in the exchange.


To strengthen and encourage communication and collaboration between members of the two universities, especially in areas of mutual concern and benefit.


To facilitate the exchange of scholars on informal and professional visits and the exchange of visiting professor and fellows for research, keeping in mind that, in all cases the exchange of professors or fellows will accord with regulations examined by each partner on an individual basis.


To promote the advancement of science, technology and human learning through the undertaking of cooperative research on topics of mutual interest and expertise.


To stimulate contacts between researchers in the two Universities and the formation of research linkages and groups.


To encourage researchers in each country to seek financing for the support of collaborative research.


To improve research communication through the exchange of scholarly publications, documents and materials and the joint organization of conferences and seminars.


II.      Exchange of Information


Seoul National University of Technology and University of South Australia agree to exchange on a reciprocal basis scientific and technical information and publications related to the areas of mutual interest in relevant fields. Both Parties may organize seminars of specific agreed topics.


III.     Joint Projects


Both Parties will seek funding of mutually agreed projects associated with research on topics of mutual interest and expertise.


Before any particular cooperative project or program is initiated, all financial details shall be negotiated and agreed upon by the two institutions with each partner acting within the scope of the resources specifically allocated to this effect by the administrative authorities.


Cooperative projects requiring financial support shall not be initiated in the expectation of support by either Party before such funding has been explicitly agreed to and committed.


IV.     Confidentiality


With projects existing with other parties or ones outside those agrees by this document or as otherwise determined, each Party may retain the right of confidentiality to the results and applications of their individual research.


Any scientific and technical information exchanged between Parties and identified as confidential by one side of the Parties in carrying out cooperative efforts will be held as confidential by the receiving Party and such technical information will not be disclosed to or used by a third party unless both Parties agree in writing to such disclosure of use.


On joint projects, the individual intellectual property rights of the partners shall be negotiated at a mutually agreed tie during the progress of the research. 

No predetermined relativities of intellectual property are simpled by this document.


V.     Interchange of Personnel


(1)   Staff exchange : Providing sufficient funds are available, an interchange of personnel will be made between both Parties.  This may take the form of short laboratory visits (two or three days), seminars and workshops(approximately one to two weeks) or longer periods of research (from one month to one year). International travel costs and domestic expenses and travel will be negotiated individually for each exchange.  The staff of each Party shall conform to the general rules of work and safety in force at the host institution.


(2)   Student exchange : student exchanges at an undergraduate and postgraduate level will be made where funding is available.  Max. five exchange students may be recommended to the host institution for academic studies each year subject to appropriate candidate(s) being identified. The credits earned in courses with equivalent course content and examination standards at the host institution will be considered for acceptance by both Parties. UNSW makes his best for that the tuition 1/4 of fee is covered by the host intuition but the remained one, the living expenses, the travel costs, insurance and any service fees will be the responsibility of the exchange students. Incase of project study in four year, some fees should be covered by the student who is by an adviser UNSW. And informed to SNUT with notes of “PASS” or “NONPASS”. Both parties will review the program annually for any imbalances in the number of students, and will adjust the numbers of students exchanged the following year, as necessary, to maintain a reasonable balance in the exchange.


VI.      Development of Higher Degree Program


Both parties will work to develop higher degree program between the two Universities through the authorized channels. The following activities may be possible for the successful degree program.

-         A Cooperative Bachelor of Engineering Degree Program between SNUT and UniSA will be developed at both institutes. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the B.E. degree by both institutes.

-         A jointly supervised Master of Engineering/Doctor of Philosophy program will be developed at both institutes. Students who successfully complete the program will be awarded the appropriate higher degree of both Institutions

-         A liaison office or appropriate contact point for the program development in both organizations will be arranged.


VII.      Enactment of Agreement and Termination


This Memorandum of Understanding shall come into force for a period of five years upon the signature of both Parties and shall renewed with their mutual consent and signatures. It may be amended by written agreement of both Parties.


Either Party may terminate this Memorandum of Understanding with ninety days written notice of termination to the other Party.







Professor Hernan de SOLMINIAC



Head                                                                                           Director

School of  construction engineering and


Pontificia Universidad catolica de CHILE                                                                Seoul



Professor  Young Soon LEE


Faculty of Engineering

Seoul National University of Technology



Date ..................................................................




Professor Juan  JOSE

Vice Chancellor

Pontificia Universidad Catolica de CHILE



Dr. YOON, Jin Shik


Seoul National University of Technology



Date ..................................................................




Profesor visitante expone sobre la experiencia coreana en construcción


Agosto de 2006



Ki Sang Son, profesor asociado de la Universidad Nacional de Seúl (Corea), del área de Gestión de la Construcción, realizó esta mañana en el Auditorium del Edificio San Agustín una charla sobre la experiencia coreana en la práctica de la construcción segura. En la charla, se expusieron temas como la enseñanza y el entrenamiento en seguridad para trabajadores extranjeros en Chile - basado en la realidad coreana-, cifras sobre accidentes en la construcción y la industria manufacturera, y se realizó también una comparación entre la realidad chilena y la experiencia coreana sobre las condiciones en que se desarrolla esta industria. 
El profesor fue invitado por el Departamento de Ingeniería y Gestión de la Construcción de la Escuela de Ingeniería.  







De: ??? [mailto:ksson@snut.ac.kr]
Enviado el: viernes, 18 de agosto de 2006 12:11
Para: jaraya@ing.puc.cl
Asunto: articles of webzine reporter


Dear ms Ximena
  you send me  an article of my lecture listed in webzine news, please? a women peporter made an interview with me on 11th Aug (Fri) when i do me lecture as you know.
I look forward to hearing from you
best wishes


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From: 손기상<ksson@snut.ac.kr>
To: Ximena Araya <jaraya@ing.puc.cl>
Sent: 2006/08/18 02:52
Subject: Re: RV: LanChile

Dear Ms Ximena
thank you for your invitation.
can you advise me of what metro satation i have to take/probably it
  will be El Golf , Alkantara.
I look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes


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From: Ximena Araya <jaraya@ing.puc.cl>
To: <ksson@snut.ac.kr>
Sent: 2006/08/18 01:49
Subject: RV: LanChile


Dear Mr Ki


I and my family we want to invite to dinner to our house



Friday 18   

21:00 O’ clock

Address: Luis Thayer Ojeda 2157, Providencia









De: ??? [mailto:ksson@snut.ac.kr]
Enviado el: viernes, 11 de agosto de 2006 23:04
Para: jaraya@ing.puc.cl
Asunto: LanChile


Dea rMs Ximena
I think that there is no time to get a ticket changing my schedule from 25th to 22th Aug.
Lan chile
  ticket has been reserved  for leaving on 22th Aug ? then, can you give me a schedule confirmation, 14th(monday),   Santiago  == LA== SEOUL korea , please? you can ask Lan chile for  sending the schedule by email or fax anytime ,i think.

And  please give  back USD 100     to me on 14th (Mon) .I  paid  USD 100  to korean air line directly on12th(Saturday), already. because you do not give me any confirmation  until today. there is no time  to wait like this .

Besty wishes

Ki Sang SON

 listed on  webzine of pontificia universidad catolica de chile
 for a special lecture " korea experience of construction safety in practice" to the industrial engineers by author , 11th August at 1000-1120.

 Dear professor Son, 
I am very happy to know that everything is now in place. For me is not a problem is you come one week later. We will prepare a desk for you to work while you are here.


Best regards and looking forward to see you here in Chile.


Alfredo Serpell


De: 손기상 [mailto:ksson@snut.ac.kr]
Enviado el: Martes, 04 de Julio de 2006 7:02
Para: aserpell@ing.puc.cl
Asunto: Fw: visit to Chile

Dear prof Serpell
As below mentioned, CONICYT will
  approve the mutual program between you and me  for visiting research  now.
KOSEF needs a few days more to clear some official matter after getting an acceptance letter from your country.
That is why my original schedule from 18thJuly to 18th Aug should be changed from 26th July to 25th  August 2006.
I hope that this new schedule  can be satisfactory for you. All my schedulewill be processed , following the above.
Fax message with my air schedule has been sent to you today.
I look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes

Ki Sang SON,prof ,phd,pe
Dept of safety engineering

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From: Maria Teresa Ramirez <mramirez@conicyt.cl>
To: ksson@snut.ac.kr
Cc: aserpell@ing.puc.cl
Sent: 2006/07/03 23:17
Subject: visit to Chile

Dears Dr. Sang Son,
I am very pleased to inform you that CONICYT has approved your study visit to Chile under CONICYT/KOSEF Agreement.
The official letter with this communication will be send to KOSEF this week.
Yours sincerely

Mar?a Teresa Ram?rez Pandolfo
Coordinadora de Programas
Departamento de Relaciones Internacionales
Phone: (56- 2) 3654404
Fax    : (56- 2) 2741897
Bernarda Mor?n 551
Santiago - Chile


Dear Professor Son,
The letter was sent by certified mail (not courier mail). Probably it takes more days to reach you.
Best regards,
Prof. Alfredo Serpell
Head, Department of Construction Engineering and Management
Santiago, Chile. Phone: 562-3544244 or 45
email: aserpell@ing.puc.cl
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From: 손기상
Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2005 6:38 AM
Subject: invitation letter

Dear prof Serpell
Thank you for your concerns about the visiting research.
I have not received your mail for the invitatoin letter, yet as of today.
I will inform you of the situation on 16th Sept 2005 by mail and phone.
I have  to send it to the other organisation by 26th sept 2005.
Best wishes

Ki Sang SON
Dept of safety engineering
Seoul national university of technology
17 Gongneung Dong, Nowon Gu, Seoul, 139-743,  Korea (South)

Dear Professor Son,


Thank you for your mail. I will be glad to see you here. We will make some arrangements to host you so please let me know when you are sure about coming to Chile.


Best regards,


Alfredo Serpell

Professor of Construction Engineering and Management

School of Engineering, Catholic University of Chile

Vicuña Mackenna 4860, Santiago, Chile

e-mail: aserpell@ing.puc.cl



De: 손기상 [mailto:ksson@snut.ac.kr]
Enviado el: Domingo, 16 de Abril de 2006 5:52
Para: aserpell@ing.puc.cl
Asunto: visiting research


Dear prof Serpell
It is Aprol already since we
  have contacted from last year.
I am preparing a paper to submitit to a science-citation indexed  journal which i  make and you review in May..
I hope that i arrive there  in Chile on  19th July2006( i reserved airticket).  for approximately one month. I will inform you of the exact schedule  as soon as possible.

I  will  take an action quickly if i get a final decision  for financial support from the government soon.
Best wishes

Ki Sang SON, prof,pe, phd
Dept of safety engineering
seoul natiomnal university of technology
  Fax   +82-2-978-4806



Ximena ARAYA   and her family,   coordinator, dept of   construction engineering,  Pntificia  universidad catolica de Chile(PUC), on  17th August 2006,   Santiago,  CHILE